We truly believe the underprivileged and underrepresented can contribute and partake at the table of software, startup, technology, and ultimately change.

If people with privilege can receive paid opportunities to learn to code, what is stopping us from giving these opportunities to the less privileged? At Plenty, it is our vision is to provide the very same type of opportunities and build a more equitable future together.

Currently we are in our infancy stage and have a learning team focused on Python and Django.

Our Team

Ilbum Kwak

Learning Teams

We believe building relationships in a team structure can facilitate the learning process. Each Learning Team is paired with a Learning Coach to oversee their process. Like the amazing coaches we have personally encountered or seen in movies, a coach is there to assist with the technical and personal challenges of learning to code.

Admissions for our next team coming soon!

Resources to start coding


Nick K.

The self-learning coding journey is one of the most daunting, confusing and intimidating processes I have ever gone through in my life. Early on, I was able to work through some highly reviewed full-stack Udemy courses, I was able to piece together simple applications but, regardless of the hours spent diligently piecing through material, I never fully felt like things were clicking. After sharing this with a few friends, they all had recommended that I connect with Ilbum and went out of their way to find an opportunity for us to connect. From conversation #1, I quickly picked up on Ilbum's passion to empower aspiring developers like myself. After meeting him, we set-up regular rhythms to connect and I really valued that time. Whenever I hit a wall in my journey, I knew that there would be an opportunity to coming where I could connect with Ilbum. My learning was catapulted thanks to our times where he would help demystify and simplify concepts that I could not wrap my head around. On April 1st, I accepted an offer to become a Junior Backend Developer and owe great thanks to Ilbum and his contribution to this accomplishment!

Joanna L.

I am so grateful to Plenty and their heart to mentor and open up opportunities for those we are interested in coding. I am currently in a place where I am exploring a career transition into programming, however because I am unable to quit my job to enroll in a coding bootcamp, I've been learning with Plenty for around six months now. My background is in the arts and the humanities, which might seem like a far left field from coding, but Ilbum does a great job of breaking down concepts and relating the philosophy and creativity of coding to everyday life. Not only have we been learning how to write apps with Django, but we are encouraged to examine why we do what we do -- in life and in coding.

Plenty meritocratizes coding, and uses it as a tool to uplift others and even the playing field. Ilbum is a great mentor -- he is supportive of anyone who is willing to learn and gives of his time generously, truly desiring success for all his students.

Robert S.

Ilbum really helped me in my journey to learn coding. While I was learning by myself, I did not have the motivation to get far. However, Ilbum was able to show me a pathway to learning that is not apparent when studying alone. There is great support for the students as well.

I would recommend Plenty to anyone who is serious about learning.